A backup of an Internet site is a copy of its content, that is kept on another server and can be restored if something happens. This function is quite handy, because you can never know if a script update won't go wrong or if you won't delete something by accident - a file, a folder, a database entry, etcetera. If your site is backed up, it may be restored the way it was until the problem appeared, so there will not be any damage, or at least it shall be minimal, dependant upon the particular situation. Keeping backups on your personal computer isn't very feasible, due to the fact that you'd have to do it at least once each day and you can still lose info if your last backup isn't recent enough. In this light, you'll need to rely on your web hosting provider, so you must double-check their policy on the backups, since some companies generate backups only once per week, which will do no good if something goes wrong with a site which is being used and updated all the time, like an online store, for instance.

Daily Data Back-up in Website Hosting

Because we acknowledge how vital your website data is, we keep daily backups of all your files and databases, so if anything fails, the site could be restored just the way it was. Furthermore, we create a minimum of 4 separate backups each day, so what will be restored shall be almost identical with, if not exactly the same as, what you had before. You can look at the backups right through the File Manager section of your Hepsia Cp and see on what day and at what hour they were set up. Then you could just copy the content to the live website folder. On the other hand, you may contact us and we'll restore the backup from the needed date for you. We keep backups regardless of which website hosting you have selected, so you'll never need to concern yourself with losing any part of your web content.

Daily Data Back-up in Semi-dedicated Hosting

As part of our semi-dedicated server plans, we create daily copies of all the websites and databases created on our sophisticated web hosting platform. What is more, this happens not less than four times per day, so you may forget about the old and frequently inadequate backups that most hosting companies offer. You'll be able to search through the backup folders inside the File Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with the semi-dedicated accounts. It will take only a few mouse clicks to copy the backed-up content to the domain folder in which you need it and the saved version of your website shall be live right away. Needless to say, if you're not sure how to handle it, you could always open a trouble ticket and ask for a backup from a particular date and time to be restored by our support team. With our services, you'll never need to worry about losing precious information, no matter what.